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As a part of our focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, we’ve taken a look at our environmental impact, how we can reduce it, and how we can compensate for any damage.

Having identified where SA Safety impacts on the environment – in areas such as our heating and cooling systems and travelling to our clients – we’ve now put in place a formal policy and systems to manage and reduce these impacts.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We’ve calculated that our carbon footprint for the 2022-2023 period is 35.3 tonnes CO2e. To take action to offset the damage done by our carbon emissions, SA Safety has elected to partner with tree planting organisation Creating Tomorrow’s Forests.

Creating Tomorrow’s Forests specialises in planting trees, creating habitats, and restoring biodiversity throughout the UK, which enables us to offset our carbon footprint in a meaningful way through rewilding and ecosystem restoration projects in the British countryside.

We’re delighted to be mitigating our carbon footprint by planting of 142 trees this year, which will continue to absorb carbon at an estimated rate of 0.25 tonnes over 30 years.  

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

creating tomorrow's forests. Reducing our carbon footprint by planting trees.

As part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility we chose to partner with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests because they focus on increasing biodiversity and creating thriving ecosystems that will endure for the long-term, providing a more holistic service which helps businesses become nature-positive, as well as addressing climate change goals.

Creating Tomorrow’s Forests has a rigorous biodiversity monitoring protocol to assess the impact of their afforestation and habitat restoration works, and they assess a suite of other ecosystem services such as water quality and water management. They also prioritise education and access as part of their work and develop detailed social impact strategies to ensure that their projects have a beneficial social legacy.

Working towards net zero

We’ve assessed and offset our emissions for the 2022 – 2023 period as part of a broader initiative to work towards net-zero. We’re addressing our current carbon dioxide emissions footprint and working towards reducing our footprint, as well as mitigating for any residual emissions. Our net-zero strategy forms part of a broader sustainability programme looking at all aspects of our business operations and their social and environmental impact.

SA Safety is proud to be a values-based organisation. Read more about our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments here.

We’re Planting Trees!
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