Working at Height: Awareness

This course is suitable for employees working at height in the construction and industrial sectors. It is advised that employees should avoid working at heights where possible; where it is unavoidable they must be taught how to work safely and prevent falling. If you are working at a height at which a fall could cause personal injury, you are deemed to be working at height. Training is essential for new workers, and even expereinced workers can benefit from having their skills refreshed.

The purpose of The Working at Height Regulations is to prevent death and injury caused by a fall from height. If you are an employer or you control work at height, the regulations apply to you. This comprehensive training covers the following areas:

working at height training
Provide personnel with the necessary knowledge and information to extricate, treat and transport a casualty safely, using standard equipment
Prepare to work safely in confined spaces under emergency conditions
Enter and exit confined spaces safely
Prepare and use RPE in accordance with manufacturers specifications (emergency escape breathing device, self-contained breathing apparatus)
Identify and explain the various confined space rescue equipment and the hazards associated with the various pieces of equipment and their limitations
Work in their team effectively using a ‘Dynamic Risk Assessment’ approach, maintaining a questioning attitude and using STAR throughout the scenario
Deal with emergencies
Demonstrate the application of life-saving techniques
The ability to stem the flow of blood and immobilisation of fractures

Co-Worker Rescue at Height

coworker rescue at height course

This two-day course for groups of 6-10 learners is designed to teach students to safely rescue a colleague who has fallen and is hanging helplessly in their fall protection system.

On this course you will learn simple techniques using industry-standard equipment, to enable you to free a colleague from this dangerous situation.

Students will be assessed by continuous practical assessment. Upon successful completion of the course, SA Safety Limited will issue a certificate of attendance. Students will need to re-qualify within three years.

The training covers the following areas:

Legislation and standards
Rescuer safety and survival
General hazards
Medical considerations
Risk assessment when doing a partner rescue at height
Personal and team equipment
Basic rescue procedures
Setting anchor systems for rescue
Placing rope protection
Connecting a casualty on a line using a telescopic pole
Lifting a casualty using a pre-installed device
Lowering a casualty
Individual pick-off using a pre-installed device
Suspension trauma procedures
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