Supporting local businesses in the fight against COVID-19

March 19, 2020

To support the challenge of overcoming the COVID-19 outbreak, SA Safety are now offering their deep cleaning services to all businesses across the south west at cost price until the end of June 2020.


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For immediate help, call our Deep Clean Number 07720 603227


Specialist cleaning you can trust

SA Safety is an established name in the field of specialist deep cleaning for industry, utilities and business, with extensive experience of working in difficult and sometimes dangerous conditions. We are now reaching out to all business and industrial premises to offer a Coronavirus deep cleaning service, at cost price until the end of June, to help keep your business in business.

In the current situation ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your employees and customers is paramount.  If someone visiting or working at your workplace has been in contact with the COVID-19 virus, sanitising and disinfecting the workspace is an essential step to keep you open for business, and to help prevent the virus from spreading.


How we clean

Our experienced team of deep clean specialists carry out Coronavirus deep cleaning and sanitisation using our specialist cleaning equipment and following current Public Health England Guidelines. For your safety, we use Versan™ a recommended industrial virucidal disinfectant which guarantees the complete destruction or removal of all viable micro-organisms but does not damage surfaces.

Our deep clean process includes an assessment of your workspace, followed by sanitising all surfaces, identifying, advising and focusing on touch points including equipment, furniture, desks, computers, doors, floors, kitchens and toilets etc, all to your requirements. We also offer ongoing cleaning and support for business that need that extra reassurance.

We currently have a 24/7 response to help your business fight the virus outbreak and reduce business interruption by providing deep cleaning services, cleaning advice and support. We aim to be at your premises the same day, although demand may affect our response time if cases continue to climb.


Prevention advice

Although COVID-19 is a very new virus, we do know that it can very easily spread from one person to another; currently our best defence against it is good hygiene and disinfection.

Infection prevention control for the coronavirus COVID-19 relies on the need to be as thorough as possible with hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, and the frequent cleaning of all objects and surface areas, especially all touch points.

Individuals should wash their hands using soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds frequently; as a minimum this should be done on arrival at the workplace, after contact with another person, and before food.

It is also imperative to avoid touching the face, especially the nose, mouth and eyes.

It is also critical to avoid close contact with people, especially those who are evidently sick. Anyone who is not feeling well should stay indoors and seek medical advice.



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