Let SA Safety support your business to its full potential with our specialist Health and Safety services. With a proven track record of working within the high-risk industrial, utilities and manufacturing sectors, you can trust us to provide and advise on the Health and Safety services you need:

Emergency Rescue Teams: at height & confined space
Industrial rope access teams
Specialist training
Commercial deep cleaning
Face fit testing

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Emergency Rescue

SA Safety understand that the safety of your employees and contractors is of paramount importance. If your business is working at height or in confined spaces you need our rescue teams crewed by highly qualified staff to meet all your standby rescue and support requirements.
safety is paramount

Rope Access
Inspection & Cleaning

We provide a comprehensive rope access inspection and cleaning service - the professional and cost-effective option. Our rope access technicians can carry out your inspections, surveys, testing and cleaning. We will work in power stations, industrial buildings, storage tanks, bridges, equipment, pipework, and ducting.

Fit Testing

SA Safety provide a complete qualitative Face Fit testing service. Our team of competent testers will undertake the testing on-site to ensure as little disruption to your work pattern as possible. We can deliver up to 20 Face Fit tests per day.

Deep Cleaning

For every workspace: For fast, effective decontamination, or simply to ensure the safety of customers and staff. Specialist antiviral fogging combined with touch-point cleaning to individually sanitise high-traffic areas.
Your safety is our priority

Emergency Rescue

SA Safety understand that ensuring the safety of your employees and contractors is of the highest importance and a legal duty. Our experienced rope access and confined space rescue teams are ready to meet your standby rescue and support requirements for short, medium or long-term projects, including 24/7 cover.

Our rescue team members come to us with extensive in-work training and experience of rope access, working at height and confined space. We continue to hone their skills through regular CPD in technical rescue scenarios so that you can be confident of their ability to deal with any  arising emergency situation. Find out more and book standby rescue and support teams.

The SA Safety service:
When you hire our rescue teams
SA Safety will:
Provide a confined space rescue and rope rescue team, using multi-skilled team members who are highly effective at undertaking rescue from situations including, but not exclusive to, pits, vessels, scaffolding, gantries, and HRSG’s
Provide, review and update where required, Risk Assessments, Method Statement, First Aid Risk Assessment, Safe System of Works, and Rescue Plans
Provide Advanced First Aid qualified team members to administer First Person on Scene medical care
Inspect the workspace daily immediately prior to any works commencing to establish that the Risk Assessment, Method Statement, Safe System of Work and Rescue Plan are valid and sufficient
Provide all relevant personnel with a task-specific safety briefing
Provide our own fully calibrated and tested rescue equipment and transportation
Ensure all PPE issued to staff is fire retardant and is identifiable as our rescue and recovery team
Provide toolbox talks on any height and confined space-related subject as required, including safe use of equipment
Provide fall and work restraint systems
Provide rope retrieval systems
Monitor and supervise all personnel entering and exiting the workspace, ensuring RAMS and permits are completed
Supply highly competent hole and fire watchers who will always be in direct radio contact with the rescue team
Monitor the atmosphere of the confined space and advise if additional precautions should be taken or if works should be reevaluated
Send a senior team member to the daily outage meeting
Provide support and recommendations for on-site emergency exercises
Safety is paramount

Rope Access
Inspection Service

SA Safety Limited provide a comprehensive rope access inspection service. We employ rope access techniques to carry out inspections, surveys and testing on power stations, industrial buildings, storage tanks, bridges, equipment, pipework, and ducting.

Due to the expertise of our rope access team, we can significantly reduce the time and cost to your business of any inspection work requirement. Inspection work can require scaffolding or an elevator platform to access the inspection area, which takes time to source and erect. Sometimes these techniques are unable provide a full picture of the potential area of damage, which means problems could be missed, affecting your business’s ability to deliver to your customers.

The safety of both your staff and our team of operatives is of the utmost importance so, as part of our service, we will work closely with your Health & Safety Executive to prepare a Risk Assessment and Method Statement prior to any work being undertaken; this will be an extensive report detailing the identified risks and the risk mitigation procedures.

A full inspection report including high resolution photographs will be submitted in line with your requirements.

If you wear a mask……you need a test!

Face Fit

SA Safety provide a complete qualitative Face Fit testing service. Our team of competent testers will undertake the testing on-site to ensure minimal disruption to your work pattern. We can deliver up to 20 Face Fit tests per day, with each test normally taking 20 minutes per person.

Qualitative Fit Testing (QLFT) is a simple yet accurate taste test, where a strong-tasting aerosol is introduced into a hood worn over the head in order to test the face seal of a mask. The qualitative method is suitable for disposable and reusable half masks only; full-face masks cannot be tested this way. Although this type of test is based on subjective detection and response by the wearer of the RPE, it is important that it is administered by a fit tester competent in using this method.

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Why do I need a
Face Fit Test?

Fit testing is required under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH), Control of Lead Work Regulations (CLAW) and Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAW) for all tight-fitting facepieces. If your operatives wear tight-fitting masks in the workplace then you will need to provide evidence of a fit test for each different make, model and size of mask they use.

In March 2019 the Health & Safety Executive released leaflet INDG 479 guidance of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) fit testing. Where Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is used, it must be able to provide adequate protection for individual wearers. Facepieces need to fit tight to the wearer’s face to be effective, as RPE cannot protect the wearer if it leaks. Health & Safety law stipulates that tight-fitting RPE must be fit-tested as part of the initial selection process.

Once the test has been successfully completed a certificate will be issued and a copy of the Fit Test report will be provided to the employer. The report will recommend when the next fit test should take place, normally between 1-2 years.

Face Fit Testing is required for the following types of masks:
Disposable half masks
Reusable filter or cartridge half masks
Powered respirators
Full face filter or cartridge masks
Escape set masks
Full breathing apparatus masks
Repeat Testing

It is good practice to have a system in place to ensure fit testing RPE is carried out on a regular basis. The Health & Safety Executive guidance states that a repeat test should be conducted in the following circumstances:

Change of mask type, model and/or size
The wearer gains or loses weight
The wearer undergoes substantial dental work
The wearer develops any facial changes (scars, moles etc.) around the face seal area
Where the employer’s Health & Safety Policy dictates
Expert COVID-19 Support

Commercial Deep Cleaning
Antiviral Fogging

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a potential risk to health in all workplace areas where your staff and/or members of the public gather. Our commercial deep clean service can help you deal with an outbreak, counter the threat of infection, or simply provide you, your staff and your customers with the reassurance that your workplace is  thoroughly and effectively sanitised.

Infection control: We use Versan™ an approved virucide that guarantees to kill 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria and fungi, including Coronavirus. Fogging disperses the virucide thoughout your workspace, swiftly disinfecting from floor to ceiling.
Rapid response: For companies based in the South West of England, we aim to be on site within 24 hours, to help keep your business in business.
Thoroughly clean: We use a combination of machine fogging and manual touch point cleaning, which  means we reach every nook and cranny without harming any surfaces. Your workspace is safe to use as soon as we are finished.

Helping to protect you from COVID-19
How we clean

Our experienced team of deep clean specialists carry out Coronavirus deep cleaning and sanitisation using our specialist Fogging equipment and following current Public Health England Guidelines. For your safety, we use Versan™ a recommended industrial virucidal disinfectant which guarantees the complete destruction or removal of all viable micro-organisms but does not damage surfaces.

Our deep clean process includes an assessment of your workspace, followed by sanitising all surfaces, identifying, advising and focusing on touch points including equipment, furniture, desks, computers, doors, floors, kitchens and toilets etc, all to your requirements. We also offer ongoing cleaning and support for business that need that extra reassurance.

We currently have a 24/7 response to help your business fight the virus outbreak and reduce business interruption by providing deep cleaning services, cleaning advice and support. We aim to be at your premises the same day, although demand may affect our response time if cases continue to climb.

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